The inability to attend work can, obviously, have a major impact on the financial health of many people.  To assist here are some links to key articles on this topic. The Money Advice Service, in particular, has very clear guidance on the steps that can be taken.

The Money Advice Service has put together an action plan to make sure you have thought of everything to do with coronavirus and your money.
Halifax has help and support guidance for customers impacted. This includes managing your money and staying fraud safe, as times of uncertainty can provide opportunity for fraudsters.
The Guardian has an article which explains the effect that coronavirus is having on things such as pensions, the property market and ISAs.
BBC News has an article for tenants.
Debt Charity Step Change has advice on coronavirus and your finances, including what you should do if you’re worried about how coronavirus could affect your finances and if coronavirus is already affecting your finances.
Which? has an article on how to keep your pensions and investments safe amid the stock market panic. There is also an article on what coronavirus means for mortgages, savings, borrowing and benefits.
The Times  has an article covering how to protect your investment portfolio.

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