Stephen Loxton explains our planning for the coronovirus crisis and the steps we have taken to ensure that our staff, clients and barristers are protected and still able to continue   The word unprecedented has been used many times when describing recent events and the monumental changes that we have been forced to adapt to […]

Head of chambers Nigel Poole QCwrites on how Chambers has adapted to the challenges caused by coronavirus. * Lawyers are nothing if not adaptable. On 27 February my chambers purchased additional hand sanitisers and issued advice about travel abroad. By Monday 23 March all barristers and staff had moved entirely to home working and we […]

The Temporary Practice Direction supporting the Insolvency Practice Direction is reproduced in full below. Eleanor Temple summarises the key points.  Eleanor’s detailed summary can be found on the Kings’ website here. Points of note.   * New Guidance of appointments of administrators * NOI and NOA which are electronically filed when the court is open […]

A temporary IPD which has been drafted by Mr Justice Zacaroli with Chief ICCJ Briggs, Mr Justice Snowden and Mr Justice Marcus Smith is in force from today. Eleanor Temple explains its purpose.   Application It applies to all insolvency proceedings throughout the Business and Property Courts, subject to any variations outside London as directed […]

At a time when many courts have issued detailed guidance as to how to continue working Sophie Hurst  provides  condensed guidance of practices in the courts in the north.   Condensed Court Guidance – what is covered below 1 Civil Matters – Northern Circuit 2 Civil Matters – Greater Manchester Courts 3 Business & Property […]

Employment law at this time is fast moving.Anisa Niaz-Dickinson gives the latest details of government guidance on  taking up new employment on furlough.     GUIDANCE ON THE 4th APRIL 2020 HMRC have now published updated details of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) which answer this question more definitively. As indicated in the earlier […]

Rosie Kight updates us on the position of re-employing an employee considered in her post yesterday.  Since posting my view on the question of whether an employee who resigned from their employer after 28.02.2020 but who asked to be re-hired by their former employer could be re-hired then furloughed, we’ve had word from the Chancellor […]

Ben Williams tackles the question of the impact of furloughing and the Football world. There’s been a lot of noise in the press of late about football players across Europe taking wage cuts. There has also been a lot of criticism about clubs furloughing non-playing staff yet still paying their multi-millionaire players, a scenario which […]