There are now a number of guides available to assist lawyers and litigants in the the specialist tribunals.



Administrative Appeals Chamber – Face to face hearings are not being held but telephone and video hearings can take place. If a judge decides that an appeal does not need a hearing, the case will be decided by reference to the documents the judge has.

Employment Tribunals – All substantive hearings up until 26 June 2020 have been postponed and have been converted to telephone case management hearings.

General Regulatory Chamber – All face to face hearings until the end of June 2020 have been postponed. Parties have been asked whether they would like their case to be determined on the papers without a hearing or via a remote hearing.

Health, Education and Social Care Chamber – Every hearing will proceed as already listed but without physical face to face hearings.

Immigration and Asylum Chamber – Work is being carried out to expand the online digital process for protection and revocation appeals to all new appeals.

Lands Chamber – Most hearings have taken place using video technology or by telephone conferencing, with a small number of hearings switched to written procedures or rescheduled.

Property Chamber – All face to face hearings and mediations until the end of May 2020 have been postponed. New applications are being received by post and email, and case management is being conducted on paper, by telephone and by video.

Tax and Chancery Chamber (Upper Tier) – Hearings will take place remotely with the preferred option being via Skype for Business. There are currently no cases listed in the near future where the UTTCC sits as a first-instance tribunal.

Tax Chamber First Tier – Parties should use email for all communications with the Tribunal unless they are unable to do so. This guide explains the changes that have been made to starting proceedings and to hearings.

War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Chamber – All hearings from 23 March onwards have been postponed and no hearings are being listed for the foreseeable future. No case management work is being undertaken.

First tier tax tribunal operational update First tier tax tribunal operational update 16 April 2020 – This update states that all face to face hearings listed up to 31 August 2020 have been cancelled. A small number of cases remain in the list where the parties had already agreed to a video or telephone hearing or where the matter was to be determined on the paper.

Property and General Regulatory Chamber operational updates Property and General Regulatory Chamber operational updates 16 April 2020 – This update states that cases in the Property Chamber are being stayed and cases in the GRC are continuing to be heard either on paper, over the phone or via skype.

The Judiciary has published a frequently asked questions document on Employment Tribunals during the coronavirus for parties who are representing themselves and professional representatives – This document answers questions on issues such as telephone hearings, video hearings, meeting deadlines and difficulties in preparing for the case. If a question has not been answered, this should be sent to the email inbox for the tribunal office dealing with the case. In the Appendix, there is a useful list of web links used in the document.

Mental Health Tribunal telephone hearing guidance. Mental Health Tribunal telephone guidance 16 April 2020 – All face to face hearings are now changed to telephone hearings and a new hearing notice will be given which contains joining instructions. A Telephone Attendee Form must be completed which includes the telephone number for the patient. The deadline for submission of this form differs between non-section 2 and section 2 hearings.

First Tier Immigration and Asylum Tribunal operational update. First Tier IAC operational update 16 April 2020 – This update advises users that a notice containing instructions on the next steps in their case will be sent to them, as the tribunal has suspended face to face hearings. Hearing centres should be contacted via email unless the enquiry is urgent, and a list of email addresses for the different hearing centres is provided.

Upper Tier Immigration and Asylum Tribunal operational update. Upper Tier IAC operational update 16 April 2020 – This update explains the ways that the UTIAC is dealing with appeals and judicial reviews and states that there may be some delays in processing non-urgent work.

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