Rosie Kight updates us on the position of re-employing an employee considered in her post yesterday. 

Rosie Kight

Since posting my view on the question of whether an employee who resigned from their employer after 28.02.2020 but who asked to be re-hired by their former employer could be re-hired then furloughed, we’ve had word from the Chancellor via Twitter that the HMRC guidance is going to be changed to widen the scope of eligibility for the retention scheme.

This means that contrary to yesterday’s steer, it looks employers who want to re-hire any employees who left them after 28.02.2020 for any reason (not just redundancy), can do so, can then furlough them and can then make a claim under the scheme for the salary costs (up to the relevant cap).

More to follow when the revised HMRC guidance is published.

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