Liverpool Civil Court has opened its own Twitter Account.



The account opened today has the byline “Judges and staff at Liverpool civil courts engaging with court users, at times of Covid 19 and hopefully beyond”


The initial tweets set out the purpose of the account. It is not to be used as a method of asking questions. It can be a source of observations or comments.

“This is the first tweet on the new Twitter feed for Liverpool Civil Courts (covering county and HC) set up by HHJ Wood QC DCJ and managed by judges and staff for the latest information on how the courts are affected by Covid 19 and how business will be managed.”
“Please do NOT use this for asking questions of court staff or judges, or direct messaging as you are unlikely to get an answer. However any observations or comments will be appreciated, even if we don’t always agree! Use the enquiries mail box but avoid ringing — Overwhelmed!”
“A few have asked about Skype hearings as opposed to telephone. We would like to manage our stage 3 lists with these but currently trying to iron out technical glitches which stop judges contacting external users. Watch this space for more!”

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