Yesterday Sarah Clover wrote on practical guidance for licencees who are thinking of setting up a take away business.  This is clearly important for many small businesses.  Here we concentrate on this issue.


Setting up online payments

Tweeter Danny Buck has set up guidance for those setting up a delivery arm.   You need to send him a DM on Twitter to get his guide which will be sent to you.  You also need to give details of the business you are running.

Danny Buck 

Dear Restaurant Owners. If you’re setting up a delivery arm and need help setting up online payments, it’s pretty much the only thing I’m good at. I’ll help you set up an entire e-commerce website for free (there’s software costs) DM me and we’ll get it sorted.

Danny Buck 

There’s been a mad, mad response to this! I’ll do everything I can to help get any restaurant taking online orders/payments. I’m working on a start to finish guide that’ll be done today/tomorrow. Pls DM me so I can share the link. Let’s save some jobs
I’m getting people asking me to send them the guide but they don’t have a restaurant. They’re just after a freebie. I wanna help restaurants and bars who are struggling. When you DM me, please tag/link the restaurant you own.


Mid- Suffolk District Council provide specific advice to those setting up a business in these circumstances in Covid-19 Advice for Food Businesses


Here is an extract from Sarah’s advice on this issue yesterday.

“Can I provide take-aways and home deliveries?

Yes, you can. The Government has specifically envisaged this, and confirmed that any planning restrictions (such as use class) that would normally prevent the use of premises for takeaways will be relaxed. A similar attitude is likely to be applied in licensing, although there was no formal announcement.  Takeaways would fall under the licensable activity of “providing late night refreshment” which will occur if:
“at any time between the hours of 11.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m., he supplies hot food or hot drink to members of the public, or a section of the public, on or from any premises, whether for consumption on or off the premises”.
Your licence will specify if you are licensed for the supply of alcohol or the supply of late night refreshment, for consumption on or off the premises or both. If your licence specifies “for consumption on the premises only”, this is the part that is likely to be relaxed by the Council ( Licensing Authority) during this emergency time, but you should check, if you can, what the Licensing Department’s attitude will be. It will help if you can explain clearly what you want to do, and any additional safeguards that you will need to take. If you plan to supply alcohol as home deliveries, you must be very careful to observe age checks to ensure that no under-age deliveries take place. Anyone who is not a personal licence holder will need to be authorised to supply alcohol by a personal licence holder, whether on or off the premises.
There are no restrictions of any type on the delivery of cold soft drinks and cold food. The usual restrictions on the supply of hot food and hot drinks relate to supplies for consumption on or off the licensed premises between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00 only. There are no restrictions outside of those times.  If you have conditions on your licence in relation to supplying hot food and hot drinks between 23:00 and 05:00, it is likely that these will be relaxed and not enforced during this emergency period, but this will depend upon the particular Council involved. It is a good idea to contact the Licensing Department and ask for their response to your specific proposal at this time.
You will need to think very carefully about providing PPE ( personal protective equipment) to your delivery staff, to protect them and the people taking the products delivered.  Door to door deliveries must by carefully managed to restrict the spread of the virus through that means. Protective equipment is available.”

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