Constanze Bell considers what resources are available for parents who are educating children at home



Resources for home schooling

 The Coronavirus offers a unique opportunity for skills sharing: who is Twitter? What is Stormzy? How do I Facebook a WhatsApp? Your teen or pre-teen can help with all of these issues (and please do use these exact questions) and every request comes with a delicious side of eye-rolling, free of charge. In return, teach how to cook, check for a flat tyre and iron a shirt.


Not all teaching needs to be delivered by you. In the internet age, there are numerous e-learning resources available. Here we identify some of the most popular:


BBC Bitesize

Provides a broad range of learning and revision tools. BBC Bitesize covers primary school, secondary school and 16+.



Learn a language for free. This fantastic website (or app) teaches a language or languages through ‘gamification’. At Duolingo you can learn points, pass quizzes and progress through levels. Over 20 languages available from beginner to advanced (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Latin, Swahili, Navajo…..).


Khan Academy

Free world-class education. Khan Academy is a resource for learners, teachers & parents. Particularly noted for its strength teaching maths and science subjects.



PhonicsPlay (unsurprisingly) focuses on phonics. It is offering free access to non-members due to the Coronavirus outbreak.


The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London website features Minecraft maps, a video game, and an interactive timeline of events.


Tate Kids

Tate Kids hosts craft tutorials. Kids can submit their artwork to be displayed in the online gallery.


Wildlife Watch

Learn how to make a bird feeder, a snow globe, binoculars with Wildlife Watch. Learn about animals and the environment.


The Children’s University of Manchester

Designed for ages 7-11, The Children’s University of Manchester teaches history, art and design, languages, science and Egyptology.


LearnEnglish Kids

LearnEnglish Kids offers games, songs, stories, and activities for children aged 5-12, brought to you by The British Council.


Get Body Smart

Get Body Smart explores human anatomy with animated text narrations and quizzes.


Love Biology

Love Biology is a multiple choice biology resource focused on GCSE level learning.


ICT games

ICT games offers maths and English games for children in years one, two, and three.


Poetry Zone

The Poetry Zone has been publishing children’s poems since 1998 and accepts submissions all year round.


Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

Joe Wicks is doing free 30 minute workouts for children of all ages that will be screened on his youtube channel at 9am each day.


This is a challenging time for all.  Be reasonable, protect your family and others, and stay safe.



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