Mark Harper QC provides a list of apps that help with home fitness.


Mark Harper QC


With gyms closing and appreciating the importance of exercise to people’s mental and physical well-being, I have put together a list of apps that help with home fitness.

  • Peloton – They go way beyond spinning classes, with running, cycling, bootcamp, bodyweight, yoga, and meditation classes all on offer. The best part? You can “show up” for an 8 a.m. bootcamp class that’s happening in their new New York City studio, and take it with other Peloton members live from around the world.
  • Nike Training Club – Beginner-friendly workouts from yoga flows to strength training from the Nike All-Star Trainers.
  • Alo Moves – Alo is well-known for yoga, but their signature app has a lot more in store: barre, pilates, strength, meditation, and stretching. Their yoga offerings are also impressively comprehensive: vinyasa, ashtanga, kundalini, hatha, restorative, and more. In light of the coronavirus crisis, the company recently announced that they’d be offering a selection of free full-length classes on their YouTube channelso that everyone has the ability to practice at home and destress.
  • NeoU – There literally is not a single workout you can’t find on the NeoU app, each of which is filmed in their enormous New York studio. Adding new classes every day, the app features treadmill, elliptical, yoga Pilates, core, boxing, strength, cardio, and dance workouts—ranging in length from 5 to 90 minutes.
  • Headspace – Working out your mind is important, too. Whether you’re hoping to find some calm, get productive, or sleep better, Headspace has got you covered with hundreds of guided meditations
  • Aaptiv – If you’re an auditory learner, this one’s for you. This audio workout platform adds 30 new classes each week. After filling out a brief survey on your goals—how much time you’re willing to dedicate to sweating, what activities you’re interested in, and your music preferences—you’re lead to a customized workout plan that incorporates the fitness you’re really looking for.

See also: FitOn, Tone it Up, Gym Shark and the Sculpt Society.

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